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Laminate Flooring Installation Tips

Installing laminate flooring is very easy. However, it is important that you prepare all materials and steps in the procedure well. In the following, you will find step-by-step instructions for laying laminate flooring and a checklist that will make the preparation easy!

First, you should decide on top of what sort of underlay you wish to install your laminate flooring; because not all laminate flooring is appropriate for every subfloor.

Laminate on Stone Screed

The floor must be absolutely even, dry, clean and able to take a load. Uneven areas of more than three millimetres to a metre should be stripped and spackled without fail. As a moisture barrier you must use a PE film.

Laminate on Wooden Floorboards

Loose planks must be fixed, uneven areas evened out – there must be a solid, even subfloor. Lay the laminate floor across the length of the floorboards long ways. You may not use a PE film with wooden subfloors.

Laminate on Sub-Floor

Loose chipboard must be affixed and unevenness smoothed out. The chipboard must be tightly attached to the subfloor so that no rattling noises develop.

Laminate on PVC or Linoleum Floors

You should not install laminate flooring over this type of floor. Floor coverings of this type should be removed without fail before laying your laminate flooring.

Laminate Flooring on Hot Water Underfloor Heating

Please consult a heating specialist you trust to heat your floor until it is dry. He or she has the appropriate abilities and necessary protocols.

A surface temperature of 25 degrees Celsius is recommended; 28 degrees Celsius should never be exceeded. Old flooring must be removed.